The Greatest Waterpark

In The World

The Greatest Waterpark

In The World...

Except it doesn't exist

There is no physical waterpark or bar located at the listed Naughty Scotties address. Naughty Scotties is a virtual marketing experiment created by Virginia Tech students in 2018.

We Love Our Community

About Naughty Scotties

Naughty Scotties was built by the community, for the community. Beginning as a virtual water park located in Blacksburg, Virginia, the original Naughty Scotties concept quickly became a local favorite due to it’s quirky nature and funky Google reviews.

The virtual water park was founded in 2018 as a prank. The plan was to register a friend’s college apartment as a business with a funny name. The hope was that the apartment’s residents, upon realizing their residence was registered as a goofy business, would descend into wild confusion about how that could’ve happened. The “funny” name was coined, inspired by an apartment resident named Scott, and Naughty Scotties was born.

The prank was short-lived and didn’t work all that well, but the Naughty Scotties brand blew up. The guys from the apartment warmed up to having their building listed as a waterpark on Google. They started to leave reviews – not just any reviews, but in-depth, thought-out, funny reviews.

With excitement about Naughty Scotties spreading throughout the town, the founders started to think of ways Naughty Scotties could benefit the community. With the Naughty Scotties community primarily consisting of college students, the founders decided to create a “community accelerator” club on Virginia Tech’s campus. Naughty Scotties Club was founded in February 2019 to help accelerate the connection between students and organizations on campus.

The Naughty Scotties Club creates an all-inclusive environment for students in search of fun events. In the inaugural 2019/2020 school year, Naughty Scotties Club hosted internal activities and facilitated external club partnerships, thereby helping to invite students to other organizations’ events. The club recruited over 100 club members and established its presence on campus by being nominated for Virginia Tech’s New Organization of Excellence Award.

Since its inception, Naughty Scotties has always been a champion of the local community in Blacksburg. We would love if you could leave us your funniest Google review.

Google Reviews

Best Water Park I have ever attended. They had an ACTUAL pirate ship in the pool. I drove from Florida, right past Disney and 6 flags because they have nothing on Naughty Scotties. The TOTS are the best thing on the menu. The scathe drink made me feel like a real pirate. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Farrell S

Google Reviews

Naughty Scotties is not your average waterpark/bar combination. The waterpark is very wet and very naughty. And the bar's Trinity hymnal karaoke is particularly good. You should try the sausage when you visit (it's definitely Naughty Scotties specialty).

Chris P

Google Reviews

Absolutely amazing family restaurant. Not only was my dog seated at the table with us indoors, he was offered an amazing Japanese menu of healthy food options. He ordered the udon soba. Highly recommended. Next time I'll have to wear rain boots while visiting since all the floors are flooded.

Lakshmi M

Google Reviews

Got the opportunity to sit down and have lunch with one of the officers. He was very professional, super friendly and you could tell he really loves the community around him. The company’s vision to help grow the support for VT is inspiring. I would have never thought to have this honor this has helped me walked away feeling like a better man. Definitely stop by and take in the experience. If you get the chance to sit down with management, do it! They are an amazing group of people who will invest in anyone they can. 5 out of 5 for sure!!!

Adam R
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